It was not easy for Mr.Mutaz to leave his loved ones behind. But due to financial crisis, uncertainty and instability in his hometown, and having the utopian image of Europe he had decided to leave Iraq. Mr. Mutaz has been told that getting asylum in Portugal is easier than in other European countries, therefore his focus was on Portugal and after going through difficult journey, he arrived at his destination. As soon as Mr.Mutaz arrived to Portugal, he started to integrate with the European society and to adapt their culture, but after a while, he started feeling of missing home and his family in the country of origin. At the beginning Mr. Mutaz was thinking whether to return on his own or through IOM, finally he decided to apply to return through Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration program of IOM. “I returned to Iraq after applying to IOM program, IOM helped me to return financially and morally” said Mr. Mutaz. Mr.Mutaz had counseling sessions after his arrival to Iraq. He visited IOM Baghdad office to claim for his eligibility. IOM Baghdad office received him and discussed his reintegration plan thoroughly.
After a detailed one to one counseling, his plan was to start his own mobile accessories shop. Mr. Mutaz submitted the required documents for his reintegration plan to the IOM office and he waited for case approval, and after few weeks his assistance was released, and IOM team contributed the required items to his small business. “I know that my reintegration process will not be easy, because I used of living in Portuguese society, but I also know that returning to Iraq is better than staying away and spend more time waiting for nothing.” Said Mr.Mutaz. After spending almost eight months at home, IOM staff followed up with Mr.Mutaz and visited him at his business place, his business is still operating but it needs more time to be sustainable because of the market recession. “Although our economic situation is not very good but being near to my family again is better than staying abroad. I will try to settle here in our country again” said Mr.Mutaz.